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Cross Country Movers

Cross country movers are those who help in shifting things from one country to another. They are highly efficient in packing and moving goods carefully without any damage. Moving household things from one place to another it is a lot of effort, but a cross country mover's job is to shift things across international boundaries, which is a mighty task.

They either carry these goods via ship, aircraft or trucks. It might take a few days or a few weeks to transport the goods. Movers make an assessment of various items to be packed and make a list of it. These items are then neatly wrapped in a cover and packed in huge cardboard boxes or wooden boxes depending on their fragility. After this, they arrange for trucks which carry these goods to the port or airport and are shifted to the ship or aircraft as is the case. On reaching the destination, cross country movers arrange for trucks, trailers etc. to shift the goods to the destination in that country.

This task requires trained men who do their job skillfully without causing any damage during the shifting. Movers also arrange for movement of goods on cost, insurance and freight (CIF) and free on board (FOB) basis. They have to comply with various rules and regulations that are applicable in various countries in this regard. Petroleum goods are necessarily to be moved by oil tankers and dry cargos by other ships. So, movement of goods internationally involves multifarious functions, depending upon the mode like land, sea or air.

To carry out these tasks, one needs to have time and details. Cross country movers make it easy by arranging for necessary documents which is required by the consigner as well as the consignee. If the goods are shipped, cross country mover's agency would take care of the filing of the shipping indent and the bill of lading.

As this is a cross country agreement, the customs duty is to be paid in both the countries from and to which the goods are carried. Levy of customs duty is charged on the basis of the importance of the articles and the weight of the goods shipped.

The consignee can collect the goods only after the customs officer has verified and the required documents are in accordance with the customs act of the respective countries. You are required to make proper payment of the customs duty. The consigner sends the date of shipment of the goods to the importer and the date of arrival is confirmed. The goods arrive at the port and the delivery of the goods can be done only to the person who is named in the documents.

Cross country movers take care of all the customs formalities and the other transactions. They usually charge a percentage on the cost of the whole shipment or transaction as their commission, which would include the above mentioned services. Cross country moving is therefore not as difficult as we think. With the help of efficient movers, the whole process can be carried through without any hitch.

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